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⅁errit Rietveld Academy
2016 Graduated as Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design
Prepatory year, basic year and currently studying in the third year at the TXT (textile) department

2016 Fortune Hunters – Holiday in Greece, as a part of the TXT end exam exhibition at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2015 Red Croissaint Collective, Oude Kerk Amsterdam, as a part of the annual exhibition of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2014 An interaction, behind a mask, Zaal 100 Amsterdam

¶erformance ¶roductions
2015 Cirque du Freak, Mysteryland and Thuishaven
2015 SolBørn, Solstice festival at Pllek
2014 Baba Shoeshoe, Shoeless Festival at Ruigoord
2014 Therapeuters, Shoeless Festival at Blijburg and Zandbak Festival

Δrstist in recidence
2014 One week artist in residence in Tsarino, Bulgaria

Ït Ẉorks / No Mad Makers
2016 – Nominated for the New Material Awards
     – Series of workshops together with The Beach, at Fab City by Europe by People
     – Workshops in refugee camp Moria on Lesvos, Greece


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